Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Self-introduction and communication reflection

Subject: Self-introduction and communication reflection

Dear Mr Blackstone,

My Name is Yong Quan, and I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in business administration.

After my National Service, I decided to further my studies by enrolling into Singapore Institute of Technology, in sustainable infrastructure engineering (land). The reason why I chose to study engineering over business is primarily because I felt that the course is much more relevant in today’s context, hence securing a better prospect for my future employment and career.

Being a business student allowed me to hone my presentation skills as there were numerous projects and assignments that required us to express and explain our work in the form of presentations. Overtime, I improved as both a speaker and presenter, as I became more eloquent with words, and more confident when expressing myself.

However, despite my improvements, I still feel anxious and nervous sometimes when I find myself speaking in front of a large crowd or audience. During my polytechnic days, there were times during presentations where I blanked out, and lost my train of thought. Positions like these discourages me, and I tend to stutter to recover from the situation, sometimes even resorting to reading off the slides.
Thus, one goal that I wish to achieve through this Effective Communication class is to overcome my anxiety and stage fright when I am presenting, to become a better and more eloquent speaker. On top of that, I also wish to be able to improve on my professional writing skills, as I believe it will become relevant in the future, after I graduate from school and enter the workforce.

I look forward to the upcoming lessons in Effective Communication class, and I hope I can continue to improve both my soft and writing skills.

Best regards,
Ho Yong Quan
SIE2016, Group 5

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